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Carwash union push targets East Coast

March 6, 2012

NEW YORK — The organized plan for carwash workers to unionize has now spread to the East Coast, according to CBS New York.

The March 5 story stated that a coalition of community and labor organizations is starting a campaign meant to reform illegal practices within the carwash business.

Dan Morris, communications director for the Retail, Wholesale & Department Store Union, said that workers from across the city are meeting to discuss their concerns and share their interest in transforming the carwash industry.

“You’ve seen just these individual carwashes viewed as these small businesses that really don’t have any relationship to a larger industry and that really isn’t true,” Morris said in the story. “That’s a big part of changing the perception and understanding of the way the carwashes operate in order to transform some of the worst practices.”

Morris stated that plenty of stakeholders and influential people in the city, and possibly the state level, will agree that the workers are simply exercising the same rights afforded to all workers.

As PC&D previously reported, a similar campaign in Los Angeles resulted in agreements between a few California carwashes and their workers.