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Carwash workers emerge as heroes following bus crash

January 24, 2012

BRADENTON, FL — After a school bus full of students veered out of control while on State Route 64, three carwash employees stepped up and became real-life heroes, a BradentonPatch story said.

The Jan. 24 story said around 4:30 p.m. on Jan. 5 a bus was traveling down the road and seemed out of control, according to another bus driver, Cynthia Futch, who was driving the other way down the street. Apparently, the bus had just rear-ended a semi-truck, causing the driver’s legs to get pinned making him unable to use the brakes.

Three employees from the Clear Sunset Car Wash saw what was happening and chased after the bus. One employee, Sammy Long who is also a former paratrooper, was able to jump aboard the bus and apply the brakes. The other two men, Andrew Fisher and Jessie Brown, jumped onto the side of the bus in an effort to slow it down. The bus was then run into a grassy area and stopped.

Futch was able to park her bus and run over to help.

All three carwash employees, Futch and all of the emergency response team members were honored on Jan. 24 with Meritorious Service Awards from the Manatee County School Board.

Fisher, who served as a naval special warfare operator, said of his award in the story, “I’m going to save it to hang in my office after I graduate.”