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Creating a powerful business card

October 15, 2008

Most business cards are a waste of ink and paper. They give general contact information: Name, phone number, e-mail address and maybe a web site address, but that’s about it.

A smart entrepreneur will make the most of their business cards by turning them into mini brochures. Your clients will appreciate this unique piece. After all, their time and space is limited and your brochure card saves them both time and space.

A clever way to do this is create double sized cards and fold them in half. You can have your contact information printed on the outside. The inside should have some powerful, yet short sale copy. Create a strong headline that attracts the reader’s interest. Then offer the benefits to back up your headline statement.

By investing in a few more dollars to create these mini brochures, you're turning what would normally be a bland, boring card into a powerful sales tool.

CD-Rom cards

Another innovative strategy in creating your business card is to create a video commercial for your car detailing services and have it put on a card-size CD-Rom. You can hire someone reasonably inexpensive to video you in action detailing a car from start to finish. You can also record great testimonials of your current clients on camera singing your praises.

If you don't want to shoot a video, then you can create an audio CD. Audios can make very good sales tools, since most people still listen to CDs while traveling in their vehicles to and from work. The best way I believe to do this, is to find someone that would be willing to interview you about your business.

If you have trouble finding someone you know personally, you can always hire someone from Just post a project ad for someone to conduct an interview. Next, you can use a simple yet free program called Audacity to record and edit your audio brochures.

One thing to remember: Make sure your audio or video brochures aren't just sales pitches the whole time. Provide some valuable content that leads the prospect to the benefits of your service at the end of the presentation.

Once you’ve created the audio or video file, you can pay fulfillment services such as to create both audio CDs and DVD's. They can create stunning graphics along with your contact information on the front.

The important thing is to be creative. Separate yourself from the competition by not looking like everyone else. Your competition is wasting their advertising dollars on boring cards. Create something powerful that your prospects will hold onto.

Jonathan Taylor is the owner of Strategic Marketing Solutions. You can reach Taylor at