Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Do you have a business plan?

February 22, 2012

No business can survive if their market share is diminishing. This is especially critical because detail business growth has been flat for the past two years. Flat industry growth means that in order to succeed, you must gain market share by taking it away from your competitors!

You must be growing your business at least 10 percent on a yearly basis in order to afford to keep your business, your equipment, and your personnel up to date with current trends in the business. This means that you must proactively seek out new customers. Your business plan should account for this growth.

In addition, you need to follow-up with existing customers. If you lose them, it means they were contacting by another detailer. Have action points in your business plan which give you measurable goals and call for regular status checks. Ensure your business is on target to succeed in the manner you originally envisioned.