Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Don't get too technical

July 20, 2011

Here are three tips to reduce unnecessary expenses at your detail shop, courtesy of

It is often said that some of the worst people to have at your front counter are former or current technicians. Yes, it is helpful that they "know the product," but too often they know it too well in the sense that they go into far more detail than most customers care to hear. When someone fixes your furnace at home, how interested are you in the detailed functions of a home HVAC system? A few of us are, but most of us just want to know that it will heat the house when we turn it on and how much we owe the furnace guy.

Give customers the initial information in a brief summary and make it clear that you are more than happy to go into as much detail as they would like. We often do not realize that the customer on the other end of the phone is tapping their foot trying to get back to whatever they were doing while we drone on about fuel trim. It's just not all that exciting to most folks...really!