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Door to door marketing

September 3, 2008

Most people have a negative reaction to door to door selling or marketing, but I’m about to give you a quick strategy that should add serious revenue to your business- and you won’t even have to knock on one door.

When I say “door to door” marketing, I’m not talking about selling your detailing service door to door, but instead selling gift certificates door to door. Yes, gift certificates are an excellent way to promote your business as well as add quick revenue on the front end.

Here’s why they work so well:

1. People are always trying to think of new ideas in buying gifts for friends and family.

2. Gift certificates are easy to produce. Most people use Microsoft Word. It has built in templates for printing out gift certificates by the dozens. The only cost to you is toner and printing paper.

3. They are a great way to promote your website to the public. Just print your web address right at the top of the gift certificate.

4. Gift Certificates are what I like to call “viral”- meaning they get passed from one person to another. People that you haven’t even targeted end up calling you to schedule a detailing job.

This gives you opportunity to sell new customers gift certificates as well.

Make sure you print expiration dates on your gift certificates. This pushes people to take action, when they know they have a limited time. A reasonable time frame would be one full year from the month of sale.

Once you get a stack of gift certificates printed up, hire someone part time to sell these for you. If you live in a college town like I do, you know there are college students who are always looking for part time

jobs with flexible hours.

Stop by the local junior college and post a job ad on their job board. You can also hire kids that you know to sell them in their own neighborhoods. You can pay them by the hour or even better- offer them a commission on each sale. This gives them plenty of incentive to make more by selling more.

Another great idea is to work with local community organizations like schools and churches who are trying to raise money for certain events. Explain to them that you will give them $10 for every $50 gift certificate they sell.

As you can see, there are plenty of ideas for distributing gift certificates. Not utilizing this one idea could be costing your business several thousands each year.

Jonathan Taylor is the owner of Strategic Marketing Solutions. You can reach Taylor at