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March 29, 2012

DRYER [Product Release]

April 2012

The touch-free IP Stripper dries at a variety of line speeds, including the back windows of vans, SUVs and pickups, using only 30 hp and one overhead bag. The system follows each overhead contour while delivering an air stream that strips water from the vehicle’s surface. The IP Stripper turns itself on and off with a self timer; opens and closes the AirGate between cars; descends to dry tonneau covers; and recognizes open bed pickups.

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Resident tells carwash to quiet down


DEARBORN, MI — Police were called to the Power Shower Car Wash here after a noise complaint was filed, the Press & Guide reported.

The Jan. 17 story said officers arrived at the carwash at 2:45 p.m. on Sunday after a neighbor said she was unable to live in peace due to the carwash’s industrial dryer fans, sprayer machines and the music coming from customers’ car stereos.

That same resident has complained before and went before the City Council to voice her frustrations. The city followed up with her complaint and found the carwash to be in violation of the city’s daytime noise ordinance in 2011.

The owner made changes to the ventilation system to appease the neighbor, and it was not made clear in the story whether the owner was issued another citation.

Themed hotel carwash room features full-body dryer


STUTTGART, GERMANY — A hotel here offers guests the ultimate carwash themed experienced, according to

The Sept. 14 story highlighted some of the world’s quirkiest hotel themes from around the globe.

The V8 Hotel in Stuttgart, the home of Mercedes Benz, has a carwash themed hotel room that features a full-body dryer in the bathroom, the story noted. This lets guests feel what it’s like to be a car going through a tunnel wash.

The hotel also lets guests sleep in beds made from real cars, including a converted 1973 Mercedes Benz.