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Enormous detail shop blaze threatens antique cars

February 15, 2012

GREEN, OH — As a destructive fire spread to a detail shop here, workers scrambled to save antique automobiles, reported.

The Feb. 14 story stated that the fire started in the box and supply business located in the same building as Car-Tech Collision detailing and auto-body repair.

Car-Tech used space in the shared building to store antique automobiles, and as the fire spread and firefighters from eight nearby departments responded to the fire, workers at Car-Tech worked to save the cars, the story noted.

An old Ford and some large boats were destroyed, but a classic Camaro, Chevelle and Triumph were saved, according to the story.

Both businesses had combustible materials on-site, and this made fighting the fire dangerous. The story stated that firefighters battled the blaze from early in the morning until late at night, but no one was seriously hurt.