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Giants’ Lawrence Tynes calms nerves by washing his car

February 2, 2012

INDIANAPOLIS ­­— As the Super Bowl approaches, people, including players and fans, will come forth with various rituals and superstitions that will help lead their team to victory. Lawrence Tynes, kicker for the Giants, is no different, according to ThePostGame.

A Feb. 1 story said Tynes likes to calm his nerves before a big game by hand washing his car. As all of us here at PC&D know, hand-washing a car at home is unacceptable, so thankfully, Pat O'Brien of the Indianapolis-based O'Brien Toyota, is stepping up to the plate and offering Tynes their professional carwashing services.

“He is very welcome to come down here and we will let him wash any car he wants,” O'Brien said in the story. “It might be in the 20s on Sunday though, so it might not be the best idea to do it outside.”

No word on whether Tynes is taking him up on his offer, but it looks like he enjoys doing it himself.

“I used to work as a car detailer as a kid,” Tynes said in the story. “They only used to give me about $7 an hour but I liked it and the work involved. You can really get into it and use it to take your mind off things and in that way it was great before football games. There is definitely an art to detailing a car if you are going to do it properly and it was a cool way of getting ready for games. We will see what happens on Sunday.”