Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Ground Breaking

July 1, 2011

Park City, IL

An abandoned carwash across the street from city hall here will finally reopen after Mayor Steve Pannell was able to bring a new operator to the location.

The City Council approved the zoning board of appeals action, which recommended giving a conditional-use permit to contractors to locate a new high-tech carwash at the abandoned business.

Pannell said that the new carwash will use the latest in technology to wash and polish patron’s cars using modern water conservation techniques and safe environmental soap products.

“For more than six years, I’ve been coming into my City Hall office, and the first thing I seem to notice is a vacant building across the street,” Pannell said. “Years ago, it used to be a busy carwash well accepted in our community. But now it’s a depressing reminder of our current economy.”

Pannell had tried to coax the previous owners into reactivating their carwash business, but to no avail.

Lansdowne, MD

George Panchigar has now owned his BP gas station for 21 years. Three years ago he added on a carwash, and just two months ago, he decided to expand even more and added on a pet washing station.

Panchigar saw a pet wash for the first time while in San Francisco and decided to open one at his own business.

The pet wash has been busy for the past two months, according to the owner, and a wash costs between $5 and $10. It also includes a ramp so that dogs do not have to be lifted into the basin.

Grass Valley, CA

A detailer who has been in the business for nearly three decades recently reopened a detailing shop here. Rich Clark started detailing in 1982, and he reopened Rich’s Wash ‘n’ Wax Auto Detailing after running a mobile business out of his home for a couple of years.

Clark’s menu includes everything from a basic wash to full detailing, and he details cars, boats, motor homes and fifth wheels. Other services offered include the repair of plastic bumpers and minor scratches; window tinting; Teflon sealant to protect paint; and Clay-Bar treatment.

Customers can also request the use of natural and biodegradable products. “It’s a new wave, and it’s more healthy for me,” Clark said, adding that the petroleum distillates used in conventional products can cause headaches for detailers exposed to the fumes.

Littleton, CO

The first K9000 Coin Operated Dog Wash installed in Colorado held its grand opening here last April. The Living Water Dog Wash offers a variety of shampoo options, and a dog can be washed, rinsed and dried in a matter of minutes. The washes cost $10, and customers can pay with cash or credit card.

The Living Water Dog Wash is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the self-serve wash allows dog owners to wash their pets in a fun, safe, effective and affordable unit for a fraction of the price that pet groomers charge.

“Happy dogs mean happy people!” said Aaron Voorhees, owner of the new dog wash. “We see how popular the concept is becoming throughout the U.S.A. and wanted to bring the idea to Colorado.”

Also, anyone who donated $10 or more to the Denver Dumb Friends League during the grand opening ceremony received a free dog wash or carwash compliments of Living Water Car and Dog Wash.

Manassas, VA

Planet Auto Wash’s flagship location opened here in May. Members of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce gathered with county officials and other invited guests for the grand opening ceremony. The full-service, innovative carwash offers customers a unique, exceptionally high-quality experience using state-of-the-art materials and equipment, much of which is new to the carwash industry.

The carwash offers customers a “best in class” belt system, service-oriented and specialized cleaning options, and a comfortable lounge with snacks, drinks and a free Wi-Fi connection.

“We are thrilled to be officially launching Planet Auto Wash,” Rick Whealen, founder and CEO, said.

San Francisco, CA

A body shop here announced that it will now be offering auto detailing services. Superior Automotive’s general manager, Eric Carlson, wanted to give customers a reason to return to the shop again and again.

Carlson said that customers could think of detailing as a “spring cleaning” for their car. A polishing and waxing job goes beyond anything customers can get at a carwash, and a detail is the perfect final touch to increase a car’s value.

“The idea is to bring the car back to the kind of finish it had when it was new,” Carlson said. “Once it’s done the car will look 100 times better.”