Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Ground Breaking

October 11, 2010

Troy, MI
Tim Allen, comedian, film actor and former star of the popular sitcom “Home Improvement” combined efforts with old high school friends Sandy and Trigger Craig, plus architect Greg Aerts to launch a state-of-the-art auto bath called Your Car Wash.

The wash was completed about three years after the initial planning and negotiations with the zoning board began.

Allen said he used to spend hours complaining about the look of carwashes. His new wash has a 120-foot-long edifice that allows only lamb’s wool to touch the finish and uses only de-ionized water to minimize water spots.

Fargo, ND
Danny Schatz’s Fast Lane Car Wash opened recently and offers a variety of wash package rates.

Fast Lane Car Wash has one wash tunnel and five self-serve detail bays. Schatz said that he wanted to have a variety of offerings in order to cater to his customers’ needs.

“We want to compete with both self-serve and full-service operations,” Schatz said. Schatz’s business also hosts a coffee shop, and employs 60 full- and part-time workers.

Port Arthur, TX
E.J. Collins’ dream of running a carwash was recognized when the Rescue Me Car Wash opened thanks to the help of Port Cities Rescue Mission.

Collins’ life dream was put on hold during a recent difficult period in his life when he wound up at the Port Cities Rescue Mission: a shelter where people can enter a recovery program.

To complete the program Collins had to list his goals and aspirations — one of which included running a carwash.

When an area of property was donated to the mission, Mission Director Kevin Hill said that one of his first thoughts was to turn it into a carwash. He immediately sought out Collins and another program graduate to run the wash.

Collins said he was overcome with emotion by the gesture. Collins is acting as manager of the facility and said in the future he hopes to open a second wash.

Boise, ID
A dozen carwash owners from eight states and Japan gathered at Metro Express Wash to see the result of millions of dollars worth of enhancements and new technology.

Owners Bill Martin and Bob Hodge spent $4 million on their facility to achieve full automation of the carwash process.

The goal of reaching full automation was driven by the desire to lower labor costs; however, added benefits include a new method to clean tires and wheels, and the facility’s environmentally-friendly water recycling.

Michael Carson, owner of several Supersonic Car Washes in Provo and Orem, UT, said he recently opened a carwash similar to Metro Express.

Carson said that Martin and Hodge’s investment separates their carwash from other facilities in what is seen by many as a close-knit and competitive industry.

Des Moines, IA
Ankeny Auto Spa recently opened and offers various car-care options to its customers.

Ankeny, owned by Alan D. Krahenbuhl and Rick Eyerly, has three levels of wash options including an express exterior wash and a full-service wash with an exterior wash, interior vacuuming and window cleaning.

Full-service wash customers will be able to wait in the lobby and help themselves to free popcorn and coffee.

Customers who request a full detail, which entails cleaning and waxing of the exterior and thorough cleaning of the interior, including carpet and seat shampooing, should plan on visiting for several hours.

The cost ranges from approximately $6.99 for the express exterior wash to $175 for a full detail.