Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Ground Breaking

October 11, 2010
Charlotte, NC
Autobell Car Wash Inc., the third largest conveyor carwash chain, has opened its 48TH location in Union County, NC.

The new store will fall inline with the company’s water reclamation practices and has installed an Aqua Bio 100 percent reclaim water treatment system.

Chuck Howard, president and CEO of Autobell, said, “ …[W]e were encouraged to investigate 100 percent recycling due to limited sewer availability, and we are going forward with this relatively new car wash technology.”

Autobell treats and filters 100 percent of the wastewater used and recycles 80 percent of the water used.

Autobell is the largest family-owned conveyor carwash chain.

City Gate, FL
City Gate Carwash, designed to wash larger vehicles, is now open.

Owner Tom McGee said, “The size of the bays that we built in our carwash sets us apart from other carwash facilities in town. A typical wash bay is 10 feet high, but ours is 14 feet high, to accommodate full size RVs, large boats and larger SUVs.”

The eight-bay wash, including six self-serve and two touchless automatics, also offers vacuums and carpet cleaning stations.

Littleton, CO
The assets of Scrubs Car Wash Inc. have been acquired by Jazz Car Wash & Detailing, based here.

Jazz, of Ecco Investments LLC, has made many improvements to the operation under new owners, Keith and Lisa Taylor.

Keith, who is also president and CEO of Jazz, said, “Owning a full-service carwash and detail center has been my dream for 10 years. It stems from my never being completely satisfied with any carwash experience.”

Jazz has upgraded its detailing equipment and polishes and has added new leather furnishings, wireless Internet service, free coffee, daily newspapers, magazines, and a new big screen TV to its facility.

Maryville, TN
Frustrated by drought restrictions last year, a man here has opened a waterless carwash business. In October, PC&D reported the city had closed all carwashes under phase III drought restrictions.

Randy Gibson, owner of Bubba’s Waterless Mobile Car Wash, sells Eco Wash, a waterless carwash product he found online when he was unable to wash his car this fall.

Gibson, who also owns a lawn-mowing business, says he thinks it is the best way to wash a car without polluting.

Gibson brings his crew to homes and businesses and cleans cars while customers go about their day. A full wash by his crew costs at least $30.

Perry, IA
A new family owned carwash here promises to provide this city of 8,000 plenty of options at its self-serve carwash, according to a company press release.

Clean Works opened its extra large doors to the public on Dec. 15. Owners Mike and Susan Brelsford have been involved in the carwash business since the 1990s.

The carwash features two PDQ G-5 touch-free automatics and two self-serve bays with Gin-San bay boxes and a Unitec Washpay system. The wash is completely heated by floor heat, and all entrances and exits are enclosed with Airlift Doors.

Other features of the wash include:
  • Rain-X and triple foam color protectant;
  • Audio speakers in the bay;
  • English/Spanish directions;
  • Credit card and loyalty card acceptance;
  • Laserdri dryers; and
  • LED digital message center/sign.
St. Clair, MO
Timmy’s Auto Detailing opened for business on Jan. 19 and is offering interior shampooing, motor cleaning, window tinting and graphics.

Owner Timmy Tanner saw a need for the business. Tanner said, “I’ve been detailing cars since I was 19. I was talking to a friend of mine in town and he told me he thought there was a need for this kind of business in St. Clair.”

The shop offers full detailing packages, including interior shampoos, motor cleanings, window tintings and graphics.

Windsor, Canada
The opening day of a business can be hard enough, but Clint and Paula Norman, owners of The Car Spa, opened their combo carwash and gas station in the midst of a snowstorm.

The owners were encouraged by the idea of the business, which opened Jan. 2, because, unlike on the mainland, there aren’t many carwashes on the province.

The Car Spa has attendants, but customers can also self-wash, and offers four bays, three for cars or pick-up trucks and one for semis, big rigs or tractors.

The Car Spa also offers vacuum cleaners and four gas pumps which offer Newfoundland-owned Western Petroleum. It will soon have a coffee bar and will offer fresh-baked goods.

Wytheville, VA
The newest Sheetz store opened for business on Jan. 10 and a grand opening was held Jan. 11.

The 5,000 square-foot gas station/ restaurant/convenience store/carwash sells burgers, hot dogs, specialty subs and salads all made fresh as customers order them.

The store also features a full-service espresso bar with a variety of Sheetz Brothers Coffees.

The company last opened a location with a carwash in Lynchburg, VA, this October. The local Sheetz employs between 25 and 35 workers. The store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.