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Ground Breaking

October 11, 2010

Las Cruces, NM
A second Daddy O’s Car Wash is going up here, which will be similar to the first location which is in the same city.

The newer location, currently under construction, will employ about 15 people.

The only difference between this newer one is that it will have four extra free vacuums.

General Manager Jonathan Johns said the idea was always to expand. “We were always looking; when we bought the first one, we also bought the second location as well.”

Salt Lake City, UT
A green carwash has opened here, celebrating its grand opening by offering 11 days of free washes without any strings attached.

Owner J.T. Thompson said, “We’re lifting the gates and we’re just going to wash them. We want to show them we can get them through quickly. And, all the vacuums are free. We have nearly 40 vacuum stalls here.”

The carwash uses only earth-friendly soaps and waxes and solar panels supply it with 15 percent of its electricity.

St. Lawrence, PA
Residents here will soon be able to wash their cars whenever they want because Hafer Petroleum Equipment now has approval to open a 24-hour carwash.

Owner Gregg Hafer thinks the site, formerly a Wachovia Bank, is “the perfect size” and hopes the carwash will be up and running by December.

The business will feature two in-bay automatic washes which recycle water.

The business did have to compromise in a few areas to win approval, including an installation of 6-foot fence to separate the business from a nearby home and turning off vacuum cleaners by 10 p.m.

There will be no vending or soda machines on the site, as those attract teens and children, Hafer said, and he plans to add surveillance and additional lighting in order to discourage illegal activity.

“I live down the street, and there is a vacant building,” he said. “I’m trying to improve the community. Vacant buildings are not good, not good for anybody.”

Johnson City, TX
H-E-B- Dripping Springs Fuel Station and Car Wash is now open for business.

The store opened on Thursday, July 15, with a grand opening ceremony that included carwash give-aways and product raffles for customers, as well as an appearance by the company’s mascot, H-E-Buddy.

The 24-hour carwash features environmentally-friendly technology like water reclamation and chemicals by Lustra. The store also offers a discount on carwash purchases to customers who buy gas.

The company’s c-store, a 68-000-sq.-ft. store with H-E-B and Central Market products, opened a week later on Friday, July 23.

Dover, NH
A landmark restaurant, vacant for 10 years, has been demolished to make way for the Black Dog Car Wash.

The new carwash will feature four automatic bays, vacuum islands, storage units, and will 22,000 square feet of landscaping.

Several trees, shrubs and flowers will be planted onsite as the currently property does not have any greenery.

There are four other Black Dog Car Washes in the area. The owner said they have not yet received a permit to build and is unsure of when construction will begin.

Shelby, NC
The new environmentally-friendly High Tide Car Wash opened here which uses 12 gallons of water per car and only environmentally-safe detergents and biodegradable products.

The wash uses a system that reclaims, reduces and recycles the water used, and then filters and treats it for reusing. Reclaimed water is even used to water the trees.

Bob Watson, who co-owns the carwash with G.H. Walton, admitted that the eco-friendlier equipment cost more, but said it’s worth it. “We have made the commitment to the community that we live in to preserve the environment. Everyone doing their one piece adds up.”

Tilton, IL
Richard Nevels, owner of two carwashes here, opened his third location this August.

Nevels, who works as an emergency room physician, decided to purchase his first carwash in 2007 in order to prevent the business from becoming a dilapidated site. “There was some pride there in my hometown to make sure there was a viable business downtown,” he said. He also makes sure his dad Herb is heavily involved in the business.

The new carwash has two automatic and two self-serve bays. It also features a “sizing bay” that adjusts to the size of each vehicle in the bay.

Nevels’ washes also host “Make a Difference Days” each year at each location. “It’s more than just a business,” he said. “We’re part of the community, too.”

Kettering, OH
The Cascade Car Wash has opened after two years of work and the owner hopes the calculated risk in opening a business with the state of the economy will pay off.

Owner Alfred Rizkallah admitted it was a gamble. “Back then, we debated long and hard about investing in a new carwash,” he said. “All entrepreneurs take risks, by nature. Like any business, we believe we take a calculated risk when making a leap of faith, investing virtually all of our assets in the hope of eventually making a profit.”

Rizkallah said they found it hard to not take the risk after getting bids from general contractors. “Our project employed many people in area,” he said. “The U.S. economy is moving from recovery to expansion. Growth may be weak, but that should not be mistaken for a recession. The current climate will favor companies that can weather this storm.”

The in-bay touchfree automatic features 30 high-pressure spray nozzles and an 8-foot height clearance, making it the tallest carwash in the area.

A grand opening celebration was held on June 25 during which money was raised for the local Foodbank.

Fargo, ND
Construction has begun on Don’s Car Wash, which will be state of the art and will also include a convenience store and gas station, and is slated for completion this February.

Owner Duane Durr even had his grandchildren on hand during the groundbreaking ceremony for the family-owned business.

The convenience store will be 5,000 square feet and the gas station will feature blender pumps offering different grades of ethanol mixes.

Hubbard, OH
This valley got its first touchless carwash when The Touch Less Drive In Car Wash opened here on June 7.

The business has been two years in the making for owner Erik Berkey, who added that the carwash is also environmentally friendly.

“We use specialized chemicals that are environmentally safe — more environmentally safe to bring the car here than washing your cars in your driveways because all the runoff water here is either discarded or recycled,” Berkey said.

The carwash will be open 24/7 and there are also three self-serve bays available, one of which is large enough for an RV.

Berkey said he’s more than willing to help out with fundraising events, too.

Granite Falls, MN
A cardboard sign is letting people here know that the family-run Squeaky Clean Car Wash and Happy Tails Pet Grooming is now open for business.

The business, which includes an automatic carwash, self-serve bays, self-serve pet washing stations and a pet grooming salon, is being run by the Martin family.

Young Wyatt Martin has been riding around the neighborhood on his bike, holding up the cardboard sign to let people know about the business.

Proprietor Mike Martin said in the story, “It’s very user-friendly and state-of-the-art. There aren’t many maintenance issues. There isn’t much more you could add to it. It’s kind of the Cadillac of carwashes. We’re just fortunate to be able to offer something like this here in Granite Falls.”

The Martins said they’re all about the community and look forward to helping out with fundraisers and non-profits.

Wanaka, New Zealand
This town’s first carwash was imported from Italy in July and should be open for business soon.

Owners Matt and Kassandra Davison spent a year planning and getting the necessary permits for the automatic carwash after they purchased a gas station property in town. According to Kassandra, many residents expected them to add a carwash and the couple agreed.

The total investment of the development is around $360,000, and includes some upgrades to the gas station, as well.