Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Ground Breaking

October 11, 2010
Leesburg, VA
Don Cox, a self-described “car fanatic,” will see his car care dreams come true when he opens Main Street Car Wash & Lube, a 15,000-square-foot full-service carwash and oil change service set on three acres of land, in Leesburg, VA.

The high-end carwash is expected to open this month.

Cox said the warehouse-like buildings are modeled after an early 20th century “Main Street,” but the business itself will feature many modern accommodations — wireless Internet and a flat screen TV being two of those.

Cox, a first-time carwash owner and recent retiree, said he expects to wash more than 100,000 vehicles in his first year of business, with the average customer spending $20.

Perry, GA
A twice-voted down carwash here has finally been approved by the city’s planning and zoning board.

The carwash managed approval because a councilmember in opposition to the carwash was absent from the meeting, allowing the 2-2 vote to be broken by the city’s mayor, who had spoken in favor of the carwash before.

Citizen objections were due to potential for traffic and the use of the carwash a hangout, but also appeared to be motivated by “neighborhood pride.”

Spring Valley, WI
Team Oil Travel Center, owned by father and son Tony and Eric Huppert, has added a touchless carwash to their multi-profit location in Spring Valley, WI.

The center now includes a WESTconsin Credit Union office, touchless carwash, vinyl sign shop, gas station and convenience store.

The touchless carwash opened in early March and accepts cash, coins or credit cards. Vacuums will be offered in the future.