Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Ground Breaking

October 11, 2010

Lakeville, MN
Green Planet Car Wash is more than just the area’s first full-service carwash, it’s also the only one in this state to use an aerobic bacteria water reclamation system which has formerly been applied to clean oil spills.

Co-owners John Pirner and Richard Jackson spent months researching methods for conserving water and electricity before choosing a reclamation system which can fully remove chemicals and oils.

In addition to the state-of-the-art reclamation system which has reduced the amount of water wasted per wash to less than 5 gallons, the business also uses energy-saving computer software to reduce the power going to equipment when it's not in use.

Jackson said he aims to grow his carwash into a successful chain and will start offering a franchise package to investors this April.

Dale City, VA
Eric and Taryn Rosenkranz hope to open the area’s greenest carwash facility after being inspired by the environmentally-friendly businesses in drought-stricken Australia when they visited a few years ago.

The Rosenkranzes were forced to cut some costs on the $3 million project due to the economic recession, but were on schedule to hold their groundbreaking ceremony in December.

According to the couple, Smart Car Wash should open by next summer and will be among the very few LEEDs-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) carwashes in the nation.

In addition to the construction parameters it will meet to be LEEDs-certified, the carwash will reuse and recycle about 90 percent of its water and will also collect rain water. The business, financed through a U.S. Small Business Administration loan, expects to employ about 15 people.

Memphis, TN
A 10thSunShine Car Wash is coming to this city after SunShine Carwash Partners LLC paid $500,000 for a property and requested a $1 million loan for construction. Currently, the company has nine carwashes in the area and is looking to open four more.

The property includes a 1,530-square-foot building that once housed an Avis car rental business.

Victorville, CA
Speedwash, an express carwash being constructed here, will be the area’s first “speedy” carwash and aims to serve as many customers as possible with its two side-by-side 125’ conveyor tunnels.

“The wash is a green project from top to bottom” explained Herschel Kilgore, vice president of Specialty’s Tunnel Wash Division. “It uses recycled water, eco-friendly wash chemicals, VFDs and automated wash processes for maximum efficiency, and it is even solar ready.”

Western Regional Sales Manager for MacNeil Wash Systems Richard Castellow said the wash is laid out in a “park-like setting” with interesting topographic and architectural designs that incorporate high, open ceilings and green technology in a futuristic design.

Charlottesville, VA
The new University Car Wash is sure to catch your eye — it’s something reminiscent of the buildings in the cartoon setting for The Jetsons, according to comments made to owner Matt Bascomb. The wash, which opened Dec. 16, has a diaphanous tunnel that is blue and clear.

“You can see out,” owner Matt Bascomb explained. “If you’re claustrophobic, hopefully you’d have a better experience with us.”

The carwash also glows at night. Bascomb said a lot of people have said it’s beautiful and it has been getting a lot of attention from area residents.

Iloilo City, Phillipines
Splash Carwash Express has opened here with a detailing staff trained by Meguiar’s.

The wash uses purified water and does everything from vacuuming to engine washes to detailing.

If a customer is not satisfied with the services, the wash will give the customer their money back or wash the car again for free.