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Ground Breaking

October 11, 2010
At just over 130 feet in length, the conveyor carwash at Autowave Co. Ltd.’s location in Toda, Japan, will be the longest tunnel carwash in Japan.

Autowave, a publicly traded company, operates car accessory stores throughout Asia. The company’s newest carwash will have a “public bath” theme.

The carwash is long enough to handle three cars at a time — a first for a Japanese carwash, according to the company. The company hopes to wash 80 cars an hour, while typical Japanese carwashes process 20 in the same span.

The company estimates the wash time to be between three and five minutes, during which passengers will look out at a scene that starts with the watch stand at the entrance to a public bath, changing to the actual bathing area with a picture of Mt. Fuji on the wall, and finally the drying-off room, complete with lockers and electric fans.

The price for a standard car wash will be 600 yen (US $5.56).

Camden, ME
Work of Art Auto Detail Center has opened here, right behind the Mt. Battie Car Wash.

The detail center offers a complete line of detailing and reconditioning services.

Owner Ben Burgess has more than 12 years of detailing experience. He is the former manager of Portland’s Northern Pride Auto Detail where he and his team were named the “Best of Portland” for automotive reconditioning. He stayed there for five years. The shop during his tenure was also named one of the top 10 detail shops in the Northeast by the National Car Care Association.

Manhattan, NY
A mobile carwash that is also eco-friendly has opened here.

PC&D first reported on the Geo Wash® franchise, based out of Buenos Aires, last year when one opened in Chicago.

Geo Wash uses a handcart filled with water to hand wash each car. The company says less than a quarter gallon of water is used to wash a vehicle.

The Manhattan-based Geo Wash is partnering with Zipcar, of Cambridge, MA, a car sharing company, allowing the washes to be conducted at Zipcar’s parking garages in the city.

Marc Martilotta, one of Geowash’s New York partners, said in the report, “We want to be an existing presence. If you pull into ‘X,’ ‘Y’ or ‘Z’ garage and see a sign for Geowash, you can get your car washed while you’re at a show or at dinner.”

Martilotta said he thinks washes will cost between $18 and $20 each.