Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Ground Breaking

October 11, 2010

Houston, TX
Eco-Suds Hand Car Wash, a new full-serve carwash and detail business, will use a biodegradable cleaning solution that is sprayed onto the car and wiped off with a microfiber cloth. The business celebrated its grand opening in March.

“We look forward to serving Houston and beyond,” said Mike Winkler, president. “We are planning to open additional locations in the Houston area this year and anticipate entering other markets in the southwestern and southeastern U.S. in the near future.”

Riceville, IA
Paul and Janet Pickar, who also own Pickar Plumbing, Heating and Electric, are optimistic about their new business, Pickar’s Car Wash, which opened on March 20.

“With the economic times, we need to go with a positive outlook,” Paul said. “Riceville is a thriving town — it's strong — and we would just like to keep a positive attitude.”

The self-serve carwash has a single bay featuring a lighted sign that indicates if the bay is in use. The first four minutes of the wash costs $1.25 and then it’s 25¢ for each additional minute.

Florence, OH
The second Carriage House Auto Spa & Cafe opened this March, giving customers’ cars an automated tunnel wash while they can eat sandwiches and drink coffee in the full-service café. The first location is located in Loveland, OH.

The company plans to open 10 more locations within the next seven years throughout the Greater Cincinnati area.

Co-founder Dave Fissel said, “We’re providing an attractive combination of products and services packaged in a beautiful building. It looks more like a high-end retail establishment than a carwash.”

Soquel, CA
Ocean Honda, a dealership for Honda vehicles, celebrated the grand opening of its new 42,000-square-foot location and automatic carwash this March. The earth-friendly business also features a permeable pavement which allows rain to soak through the parking area as well as 48 skylights in its car maintenance area.

The business's carwash is reserved for customers who have their vehicles serviced at the dealership. Owners of the dealership said the automatic carwash can wash up to 100 cars a day.