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Grow your business

September 16, 2009

Editor’s Note: This is a first hand account of how Mike Demonaco grew his detail business over the last two years. Questions and comments about Demonaco’s experience can be directed to our bulletin boardor to the author himself.

DeMonaco Mobile Detailing was founded in 2007 while I was working in the construction industry. I had closed down my first detail shop a while back, but customers were still calling and asking for house calls. In my free time between construction gigs, I would go to their houses and detail the cars there.

Pretty soon the housing market started slowing down (we all know this story) and the company I was working for was starting to make cuts. Instead of waiting for a pink slip or a withering paycheck, I decided to start my own business.

My brother kept telling me to start a mobile detailing company because I already had the skills and talents necessary for running a successful business. I was hesitant on the idea, but I decided to go for it. I bought all the necessary equipment to get started and called the customers who still stayed in touch. My first appointments were set up in days.

I also put together packets of information about my new business that I sent out to local businesses and started to create a website. This led to a growing fleet account business with local companies, as well as a larger market reach with my Internet presence.

Soon after the packets went out I was contacted by a local plastic surgeon who heard of the work I did. He was known for having some of the most exotic cars in the area and asked if I would be up for the challenge. Working for this person, I was also meeting a lot of other exotic and luxury car owners. This work created a niche market for my services and pretty soon I was known as the “exotic car detailer.”

I then met a gentleman by the name of Jazz Hamilton who was a musician and local TV producer who offered to help me out with my business image. Hamilton helped me to create a new logo for my company, as well as some business cards that really popped. Hamilton also set up an interview on his wife’s television show that he produced. I created a commercial that aired during the show and soon after the interview aired I was contacted by an exotic car rental company.

With my new company image in place and word-of-mouth marketing concerning the work I have produced, I have become known as the most trusted mobile detailer for exotic and luxury vehicles in the area. I still detail “everyday” vehicles, but now I have the opportunity to focus on the exotic and luxury markets. I do vehicles in some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the area. I continue to grow my company everyday a look for ways to produce more clients and soon hope to have another van on the road soon.