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Hand carwash now allowed to use pressure washer

January 3, 2012

AMESBURY, ENGLAND — A hand carwash here has been granted permission to use a pressure washer despite concerns about noise pollution, the Salisbury Journal reported.

The Jan. 3 story stated that the business was originally granted planning permission for a change of use based on the condition that all carwashing would be carried out by hand and not with any equipment, including pressure washers.

The wash applied for permission to alter the condition, and the permission was initially refused, the story noted.

But now David Morgan, planning inspector, has allowed the appeal and added a condition that the business can use the pressure washer as long as it is only used in an area at the back of the building with the doors closed.

“The council is right to be concerned about the intermittent though sustained levels of noise generated,” Morgan said in the story. “However, the garage (now washing) enclosure is well set back from the street with a broad apron of concrete partly covered by a canopy.”