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How do you maintain your IBA?

June 2, 2011

1. What is your number one piece of advice for maintaining an IBA?

Answers included: Grease it regularly; due your research; check the site every a.m.; train your managers; check it every day; replace old or worn parts before they fail; have a reliable distributor; keep the electric eyes clean; and use factory trained service techs.

2. What is the number one problem that slows down your IBA's performance?

Answers included: The ACW either not accepting bills properly or not reading them properly; credit card clearance time; lack of knowledgeable technicians; customer error in entering bay and starting wash; a busted hose; bearing failures; lack of maintenance; breakdowns; water supply problems; not having a part in stock; water in air lines; customer strikes; leaky lines that cause damage to other parts; customers not entering their codes quick enough; trailer hitches and bike carriers on rear; dwell time for soaps; people who can not line their car with the treadle; dirty or non-communicating sensors/photo eyes; not removing bike racks, etc.; failed proxy switches; computer software issues; POS vandalism; and speed of presoak application.