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How to select the right software for your shop

June 1, 2011

When it comes to software, it isn’t one size fits all. Some operations have a large staff, whereas others need to work with a vast customer-base which makes unsystematic purchases.

The folks at DRB Systems, Inc., offer the following tips for selecting the right software:

  1. Look at your situation and what you are trying to get out of the system.
  2. Whenever possible you want as much of a solution out of the box as you can get.
  3. Don’t over do it. Get what you will really use.
  4. Keep growth and expandability in mind. They say that most people end up using much less than half the capability of what they purchase.
  5. As with any such decision, the usual items need to be looked at. Company size, support, stability, references etc. You know the drill. Simply start by defining what you are looking to accomplish and what your budget is. Then let the search begin.

Software can be difficult and confusing for a first-time user; remember to ask the software provider for help during the installation process. The following are DRB's top five tips for improving the installation and employee training process:

  1. Be aware of the process each company requires;
  2. Be willing to devote time to any pre-install information the company needs;
  3. Be prepared to give your full attention to the on-site trainers when they are there. You should do as much ahead of time with the software company as possible — such as pre-loading information and filling out forms for a pre-configuration;
  4. Understand and be ready for what happens when the trainer leaves the site; and
  5. If the software company offers you the opportunity to visit them and receive additional training prior to going live at your site, do it! Not only do you get a head start on the system, you get a feel for the company before you write the final big check.