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Is SUA to blame for Jeep crashing into carwash?

March 6, 2012

BOONVILLE, MO — A 59-year-old woman drove a Jeep into a sign and carwash wall here, causing injuries to a woman riding in the passenger seat, the Boonville Daily News reported.

The March 5 story said the driver, Margret S. Mulhern, had just fueled up and went to put the Jeep in gear when it suddenly lunged forward and drove into the sign and wall.

The sign belonged to Casey’s General Store, and the wall was part of the Atkin’s Car Wash property.

If this is a case of sudden unintended acceleration (SUA), it’s certainly not the first time it has occurred with a Jeep vehicle at a carwash. PC&D has been following this topic closely as several cases, involving Toyotas and Jeeps, of SUA have occurred at carwashes for years and PC&D published a special eNewsletter focusing on the topic. The eNewsletter includes a report by David Bizzak, a Ph. D. of mechanical engineering and member of the Society of Automotive Engineers; a survey regarding how other carwashes are dealing with the news of SUAs; an interactive map showcasing every SUA incident that has occurred at a carwash; and a special report by Doug Newman who has extensively researched and tracked incidents of SUA.