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October 11, 2010

Cut energy costs by as much as 71% with Vacuum IQ™, The Intelligent Vacuum Controller from AutoVac. Enjoy true vacuum-on-demand because you only pay to run your vacuum when it’s needed. Vacuum IQ™ matches vacuum production to the demand for suction through customized software and a dynamic Variable Frequency Drive. Energy rebates available in most areas.


The D25RE Series saves chemicals, water, electricity, time and money. With 35 years experience Dosatron developed the D25RE Series specifically for the carwash industry. Four models are available: ratios 1500:1 to 10:1, PVDF aggressive chemical resistant housing compatible with most carwash chemicals and Viton seals/o-rings.

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Dultmeier Sales PurClean

Dultmeier Sales Power Wash Catalog is 288 pages filled with equipment, supplies and information for the self-serve, automatic and conveyor carwash operator.

Dultmeier Sales has two locations in Nebraska and Iowa, with a large inventory of over 80,000 different items.

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All PurClean systems are ETL approved and are manufactured with only the very finest quality components and featuring the patent pending PurClean Water Stabilizer which effectively addresses water hardness and eliminates the need and expense of a water softener, resulting in the most efficient and cost effective spot-free rinse.

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Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. Freedom Truss Systems by Auto Vac

“The Finisher” high pH pre-soak formula 575 from Warsaw Chemical penetrates and loosens hard to remove road film, oil and heavy soils without dulling or streaking the finish or harming the vehicle’s surface. “The Finisher” is citrus-scented, biodegradable and can be applied through low-pressure or high-pressure pre-soak arches.

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AutoVac’s Freedom Truss System is the affordable all-in-one piping, canopy and support structure for your central vacuum. It’s modular and completely customizable — create an inviting vacuum area. Start with your trusses, then add what you like — SunbrellaTM canopies, individual cyclonic primary separators, coin boxes or free vac metering devices (ask for the IntelliVac).

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Reduce your water and sewer costs by 85-90% with the patent-pending PurWater™ Recovery System with its Succession Technology Self-Purging Filtration process.

This eliminates the need and expense of disposable filters, provides consistent high quality of optimum 5Micron washwater and eliminates offensive odor associated with reclaiming wash water. Multiple System models for your specific needs include Full Serve Tunnel and Express, In-Bay Friction and Touch-Free. All systems ETL tested.

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