Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Money drawers and floor safes

January 4, 2012

Money should always be kept in a money drawer or floor safe, even it is not a large amount, and cash register drawers should have only a little amount so that change can be made — but that’s all. They should not be used for storing money, Thomas McLain of A-OK Equipment and Supply Co., Inc., cautioned, and only the owner and/or operator should have the keys and the codes.

“The owner should always keep track of the keys that access the money and only the owner or operator should be allowed to hold said keys,” McLain said. “This is tough to do since most carwash owners have another job and have to rely on an attendant to make change or refund cash; in this case the owner should have a method that will tell them that the attendant was in the cash area of the carwash.”

A camera watching the cash is a good idea, too. To boost security at your site, have a camera installed where the cash is, “and also have a way that the key is checked in or out,” McLain suggested.