Professional Carwashing & Detailing

More ways to say you're green

August 17, 2011

1 Update your logo. Consider adding an emblem of the green movement to your carwash’s logo: Planets, green leaves and the recycle symbol can communicate to your customers without a lengthy explanation.

2 Say it! Ask your cashiers, greeters, or maintenance personnel to mention one green fact about your business whenever they encounter a customer.

3 Announce it on local television. Contact your local news crew to see if they’re looking for any environmental stories in the community. Perhaps their viewers would be interested in learning how washing at home can harm the environment, or how VFDs and water reclaim are helping your business stay on the cutting edge of eco-friendly technology.

4 Get it in writing. By the same token, perhaps the local newspaper is also looking for a scoop! Write to the managing editor to see if they want a demonstration. If not, consider writing a letter to the editor to get your business’s name and news in print.

5 Head back to school. Teachers are always looking for interactive lessons, and there’s no better time to reach your customers then when they’re young. See if the elementary school could use a trip to a local business to learn about water recycling, or if an older group of students might be interested in conducting a science experiment to see how much water is wasted in an at-home cleaning.

6 Make sure it’s on your business cards. Create a slogan that communicates your commitment to the environment and add it to your business cards. “We recycle water,” or “We use biodegradable soaps,” are easy and matter-of-fact, while “The greenest business around,” can leave more room for interpretation.

7 Host a recycling drive. Ask the local Boy or Girl Scout troops if they’d like to partner up for a recycling drive and solicit bottle donations. When customers arrive, remind them about your commitment to the environment in your business practices, too.

8 Have a giveaway. Hand out seeds, recyclable water bottles or pens made out of recycled materials on any given day to let customers know you’re serious about being eco-friendly.