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Negative reactions to woman’s lawsuit against BP

February 23, 2012

MINNEAPOLIS — In reaction to this story in which a woman filed a class action lawsuit against BP America Inc. due to an expired carwash code, many are speaking out against the plaintiff, claiming it’s her own fault and the lawsuit is unjust, the Pioneer Press reported.

The Feb. 22 story said people emailed the newspaper claiming discordance with the $5 million lawsuit in which a woman says she was unfairly sold a carwash code that soon there after expired.

Reader Cassie Myers wrote in an email: "Just because you failed to be responsible for letting it expire, you think you have the right to sue!...It is people like this that make me sick!"

And Lorn Manthey emailed: "This is just another example of people who think rules don't apply to them....If there's an expiration date, it's the person holding the ticket who needs to understand that it expires, it's not the responsibility of the offering company to give them something if they screw up."

And, finally, Michael Schmitt e-mailed the newspaper: "Shame on you for promoting such frivolous litigation... This is exactly why our system is broken."

Many comments were also left under the original Pioneer Press story which appeared on Feb. 17.

Josh Jacks was one of those who commented and he wrote: “Congratulations on finding a loophole in the system of hard hitting subjects like car wash expiration dates and suing over it. I hope you feel awesome suing over $12 dollars and your forgetfulness.” And, as of today, 40 people said they “liked” his comment.