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New Orleans-themed carwash will save water

February 12, 2009

AMERICAN CANYON, CA — The New Orleans-themed Big Easy Car Wash, which should be up and running by May, will have zero impact on the city’s water supply thanks to three onsite 4,500-gallon water reclamation tanks, the Times-Herald reported.

The Feb. 11 story said owner James Moore was told he had to assure city officials that the wash would not impact the city supply before he was given the “okay” to build.

The wash will recapture, treat and reuse 75 percent of the water used and will only use potable water for rinsing. Eventually, a pipe will carry reused city water to the wash and that will make it so that 100 percent of the water is being reused.

Moore said they will also eventually install solar panels. “We'll be using energy-saving electrical sources and mini water heaters for inside the building that produce instantly hot water, thereby saving water and energy," he said in the story.