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March 8, 2011

L.A. operators sentenced to one year in jail
A Los Angeles judge has ordered Benny and Nisan Pirian to serve one year in jail after the carwash-owning brothers pled no contest in a criminal case charged by the L.A. city attorney.

The brothers will also pay restitution to the workers involved in the case.

The Community-Labor-Environmental Action Network (CLEAN) held a rally on August 17 to celebrate the ruling at Vermont Hand Wash, where many of the crimes took place.

CLEAN has been a vocal opponent of the brothers and had organized numerous pickets and rallies at the carwash, as well as spoken out against other injustices they perceived in the carwash industry.

The rally and press action included a gathering of carwash workers and community supporters, as well as union leaders and the L.A. County Federation of Labor.

“The victory for the Pirian carwash workers is a victory for all carwash workers; it could not send a clearer message to carwash owners that the days of exploiting workers with impunity are gone,” said Henry Huerta, director of the CLEAN Carwash Campaign.

Test reveals which carwash uses less water
A test over whether at-home carwashing uses less or more water than a commercial carwash was conducted by a water conservation specialist from the Lower Colorado River Authority.

Specialist Dean Minchillo used a small meter to measure the amount of water used.

The results? A self-serve carwash uses about 17 gallons of water (depending on the nozzle); an IBA wash, found at a gas station, can use between 20 and 40 gallons; a full-serve wash can use up to 60 gallons; and a driveway washing can use over 100.

Campaigns against at-home washing are popping up across the nation. In Lake Oswego, OR, the city’s water quality program coordinator David Gilbey put together a YouTube video using actors from the Waluga Junior High to promote awareness regarding the dangers of at-home carwashing.

A fourth-grade class at Indian Ridge Elementary in Aurora, CO, took up the banner against at-home carwashing, even asking state legislators to name an official day to recognize commercial carwashes.

And the state of Washington is continuing its mission to protect its waterways by discouraging at-home washing in which used water goes into the sewer system and is now, for the second year in a row, handing out fish-friendly carwash kits to those planning to host charity carwashes.

Turtle Wax sells its Kansas City carwashes
Turtle Wax, a manufacturer of car care products, has concluded the first phase of the disposition of its regional carwash business that had been announced earlier this year.

The company has sold its three carwash facilities in Kansas City, KS, and is now shifting its focus to its Chicago area sites.

“I am very pleased with the year-to-date operating performance of our carwash division, the dedication of our team members and the loyalty of our long-term customers, as well as the achievements in connection with the first phase of our disposition plans,” stated Denis John Healy, CEO of Turtle Wax. “This will further permit us to increase our focus on our core consumer and professional car care products business.”

The company’s Chicago area carwashes include facilities in Bloomingdale, IL; Countryside, IL; Crystal Lake, IL; Joliet, IL; Lombard, IL; Rolling Meadows, IL; Skokie, IL; and St. Charles, IL.

During the sale process, the remaining facilities will continue to operate as normal and honor Turtle Wax club cards and gift certificates.

Boomerang Carwash enrolls 23 sites in WaterSavers
Boomerang Carwash, a chain of 23 conveyorized carwashes, has now enrolled all of its sites in the WaterSavers program from the International Carwash Association™ (ICA).

The company, which is already among the 50 largest conveyor carwash chains in the nation, now joins more than 800 participating locations in the marketing and educational program.

“We are excited and proud to be a member of WaterSavers,” said Jessica Price, director of marketing and procurement for the company. “At Boomerang we strive to live by the motto ‘just do what’s right.’ We believe it is key for our industry to come together to better educate the public about our environmental efforts to build a better tomorrow.”

WaterSavers was launched in 2009 to help professional carwashes educate consumers on the environmental benefits of professional carwashing, and promote their location as an environmentally-responsible business.

To become a participant of WaterSavers, carwash locations must prove that they reclaim or recycle treated water for future wash cycles and discharge effluent to a sanitary sewer or leech field. Each carwash location must be able to verify that they meet these requirements and maintain verification records on each car wash site.

K9000 Dog wash will be on Modern Marvels
The K9000 Dog Wash from TMC Pet vending has been selected to be a part of the History Channel’s Modern Marvels series.

The pet wash system will be part of three coin-operated products to be featured on an upcoming show titled Coin Operated II.

As the company pointed out in its release, Modern Marvels is the History Channel’s longest running and most viewed show. Over a year and a half ago, the carwash industry was explored in a segment that aired on Dec. 8, 2008. The release said filming began on August 25 at the Hoboken Dog Wash in downtown Hoboken, NJ.