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October 11, 2010
ICA creates new task force
The Board of Directors of the International Carwash Association has created a Car Wash Market Assessment Task Force.

The Task Force is charged with accomplishing the following by May 15, 2008:
  • Assess the current state of the carwash equipment and supply market (buyer/ seller marketplace);

  • Examine the International Carwash Association’s strategy for providing a carwash buyer/seller marketplace; and

  • Make recommendations to the Board of Directors about how the International Carwash Association can improve its effectiveness in providing a seller/buyer marketplace.
“The Task Force was created in response to discussions with the Exhibitor Show Advisory Committee regarding the changing sales and distribution markets in the professional car wash and related car care industries,” said Neil Hitchcock, president of the International Carwash Association.

The fourteen members of the Task Force are:

Frank Lash, Chairman
Past President, International Carwash Association
Operator - Car Robics, Inc., Virginia

Russell Coleman
Director, International Carwash Association
Vendor - Jim Coleman Company, Texas

Mark Curtis
Director, International Carwash Association
Operator - Splash Car Washes, Connecticut

Paul Fazio
Former Director, International CarwashAssociation
Vendor - Sonny’s Enterprises, Florida

Jeff Gheysens
Treasurer, International Carwash Association
Operator - Sparkle Kleen Car Wash, New Jersey

Carl Howard
Past President, Southeastern Car Wash Association
Operator - Autobell Car Wash, North Carolina

Al Huntington
Member, Exhibitor Show Advisory Committee
Vendor - Washworld Systems, Wisconsin

Tom Lye
Director, International Carwash Association
Vendor - Washing Equipment of Texas, Texas

Lisa Lyons
Vice President, International Carwash Association
Operator - Buggy Bath Car Wash, California

Jeff Maize
Member, Exhibitor Show Advisory Committee
Vendor - MacNeil Wash Systems, Ontario, Canada

Jerry Miller
Director, International Carwash Association
Operator - University Car Wash, Texas

Jerry Nix
President, Western Carwash Association
Operator - Speedi Car Wash, Washington

Laurie Sherman
Vice President, International Carwash Association
Vendor - Blendco Systems, Pennsylvania

Troy Wade
Member, Exhibitor Show Advisory Committee
Vendor - Oasis Car Wash Systems, Kansas

Most Valuable Carwasher chosen
Professional Carwashing & Detailing® magazine is proud to announce its 2008 Most Valuable Carwasher is Shawn Stevens of Adirondack Car Wash in Queensbury, NY.

Stevens was recognized during a leadership awards luncheon at Car Care World Expo 2008, held April 7-10 in Orlando, FL. He also received full registration for the show, airfare and hotel accommodations, courtesy of PC&D.

Stevens has been a valued employee of Adirondack Car Wash for 12 years. He began his employment there as a wash attendant before moving to sales/greeter to team leader to assistant manager to quality control manager to location manager to head technician to regional vector manager to his latest position as operations manager of the entire company.

“As an owner, I rely on Shawn’s advice for every major decision I make,” wrote Michael Seale, owner of Adirondack Car Wash, in his nomination letter. “He is an inspiration for all the other employees that no goal is unattainable. This is quite a feat, being that Adirondack Car Wash employs over 70 employees at any given time.”

For 18 years, the MVC award has recognized the top carwash employee nationwide. Nominees are onsite workers, service technicians or even managers from any car care industry segment.

Gas prices hamper consumer spending
An annual report from the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) shows that high gasoline prices have changed consumers’ overall spending behavior more than any other economic factor — and this year’s prices are proving to be more influential than before.

The 2008 NACS Consumer Fuels Report said nearly half of all consumers polled say that high gasoline prices have significantly affected their spending behavior, nearly double that of any other economic concern.

The report found that 51 percent of consumers said they would take a left-hand turn across a busy intersection and 29 percent would drive 10 minutes out of their way to save money on a fill-up. Last year, the survey found only 27 percent of drivers would take the left hand turn and only 11 percent would drive 10 minutes out of their way.

While most consumers currently indicate that they haven’t significantly changed their driving habits, the mean consumer response was that $3.71 per gallon would make consumers significantly cut back their fuel purchases.