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October 11, 2010

ICA seeks reports on Toyota Sienna
The International Carwash Association (ICA) is seeking documentation from carwash owners and operators of damage to the rear bumper of Toyota Siennas.

All incidents should be reported to Joe Ward,, director of engineers for the ICA. Carwash owners and operators should include the vehicle’s identification number and pictures, if possible.

Ward is asking for this information because of a high-rate of incidence with the Toyota Sienna. Over 50 cases of bumper peel back damage have been documented by the ICA.

According to Ward, the rear bumper on the Toyota Sienna Minivan can become loose at the rear wheel opening and can be caught by the carwash’s side wraps.

Ward will be meeting with Toyota representatives shortly to discuss the damage and possible retribution for carwash owners and operators.

Two years ago, after Ward’s involvement, Volvo reimbursed over 100 carwash owners and operators for damage to sunroof glass due to a design discrepancy.