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PC&D's 2008 Self-serve Industry Benchmark Report

October 11, 2010
Expenses are at an all-time high for self-serve carwash operators, according to the 2008 Self-serve Industry Benchmark Report. From water and electricity to attendants and advertising, it seems there is no area untouched. The reported revenue and net income also increased — but for unprepared operators, rising costs will be paralyzing.

Industry experts claim there are several ways to combat increasing expenses. Multi-profit centers help attract new customers and generate more revenues — but less than 18 percent of self-serve operators have an ancillary profit center on-site. Credit card acceptance also attracts customers and encourages them to spend more, but less than 30 percent of operators are taking plastic.

New innovations are slowly coming into the self-serve industry, too. Additional features in the bay like triple foam, bug cleaner, and tire brushes mean additional profits in the bank.

The 2008 Self-serve Industry Benchmark Report is made possible by the owner/operators who took the time to answer the online survey which was e-mailed to them (over 130). The staff of Professional Carwashing & Detailing® thanks those persons for their time and effort. If you have questions about participating in next year’s survey, please e-mail the magazine’s editor, Kate Carr, at

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