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October 11, 2010
Auto Vac

Vacuum IQ™

Carwash owners like you are cutting energy costs by as much as 71 percent with Vacuum IQ™, The Intelligent Vacuum Controller from AutoVac.

Vacuum IQ™ is the alternative to running your central vacuum system at full RPMs all day long. Its variable frequency drive and customized software keep your vacuum operating at peak efficiency so you save money and extend the life of your system.

Enjoy optimal suction while consuming a fraction of the energy. You may even qualify for a rebate from your electric company. Visit to find out how much money you'll save each month with Vacuum IQ™.


Hybrid automatic

AUTEC's Evolution (EV-1) is the premier carwash system for any business. The EV-1 hybrid is built on AUTEC's top-of-the-line friction machine, the AES-425 Soft Touch carwash system, and incorporates 48 oscillating, zero-degree nozzles, 24 of which spray on the forward pass and 24 on the reverse pass. As the vehicle enters the wash, eight additional onboard turbo nozzles spray tires, wheels, and rocker panels.

This combination system offers soft touch or touch-free washing plus an awesome combination of both functions simultaneously. Most important of all, this combination wash package generates more revenue than any automatic carwash in the market.

Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc.

Warsaw's Formula 573

Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. announces the introduction of Formula 573 Weather Shield™ vehicle surface protectant as part of its line of Car Choice® car wash products. The new surface protectant repels water, creates a high gloss shine and provides premium protection for paint, glass and chrome, making it a total vehicle surface protectant.

Weather Shield is made from a new formula that combines surface reactive silicones and fluoro polymers. The two bond to vehicle surfaces creating a clean shine, while at the same time offering durable protection to all surfaces.