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Should 106-year-old building be razed for carwash?

March 22, 2012

GALESVILLE, WI — A city commission is debating the destruction of a 106-year-old building here to make way for a carwash, Laundromat and c-store combination, reported.

The March 22 story stated that the owner of the building has agreed to sell it to Thaler Oil for development, but the plans must go before the city’s Historic Preservation Commission to see if the building should be saved.

While excited to bring new business to the town, the commissioners are afraid of the precedent set by allowing a century-old building to be demolished.

Thaler Oil owns an Express Mart location behind the historic building, and their plan calls for the demolition of it and their current location. A new 3,900-square-foot building would be constructed for the expanded businesses.

The commission is expected to vote on the plan at a public hearing. Their recommendation will go to the Galesville City Council for the final decision.