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Something extra to consider when offering gift certificates

December 14, 2011

Some shops give discounts and or free services or upgrades to customers as incentives to purchase gift cards. Andrew Jaffa with Carbux Car Wash in Jacksonville, FL, said they offer customers a 25-percent discount on gift cards purchased on their website. Cards purchased at a carwash are not eligible for the discount.

Other businesses will give a gift card buyer a free extra service or a free carwash on the day of purchase.

Some shops offer their gift cards in different retail stores for the holidays as well. Carbux offers theirs at Costco. The agreement came about because Jaffa and his father developed a relationship with Costco's general manager. The manager told Jaffa's father to get in touch with Costco's corporate offices and gave him the contact information. Jaffa's father called, and the agreement was soon completed.

Carbux currently delivers the cards to the store pre-loaded for $25. The offer for the cards is two $25 gift cards for $38.99. This allows customers to save $11 when they buy the cards at Costco. "We sell them to Costco at a discounted price," Jaffa explained. "So Costco makes some money, and we make some money. And the customer gets a great deal."

Since the cards are pre-loaded, the Costco sales process is slightly different than other retail outlets. "They don't have a rack of gift cards that are unloaded," Jaffa said. "They have a palette … and on that palette, they have pieces of cardboard that are legal size." These cardboard pieces feature information about the carwash and explain the gift card offer. The customer takes this over-sized card to the register; there they pay for and receive the two gift cards.