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Spring is here: Let's get organized!

March 26, 2012

After a very cold, and very bizarre winter, I can finally sing the praises of the new season and enjoy all there is about springtime. The sun is hanging out a little longer, the trees are looking more colorful and the fears of black ice, snowstorms, and shoveling have been shelved…well, for the next six months at least.

As a big fan of the spring cleaning concept, I know that all of the actions that go with cleaning and organizing a home can also be applied to a business setting. So, it's time to join other people across the country in reorganizing, downsizing, cleaning, tossing and fixing their environments. Clutter, mayhem, disorganization can lead to stress and stress can lead to under-productivity and even health problems. So, what is the hold up? Even if it's a pile of papers on your desk that needs to get sorted, then just do it. Get it out of your viewpoint. Clean desk = a clean mind. Got a bunch of phone calls that need to be returned? Well, put down this magazine and get on it, I don't mind. Then, of course, pick the magazine back up and continue reading…

A great book written by David Allen called "Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity" is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to de-clutter their workplace, their schedules, their heads and their lives in general. Allen does not offer up a magic pill to take to suddenly become exceptionally organized. He instead outlines the tools and steps needed to better and more efficiently execute daily and weekly tasks. But, most importantly, Allen offers up the idea that the notion behind getting things done is to relax a little and to not focus on pure perfection. Just get things done. Plow ahead. Get through the weeds and take action and so on.

I personally think one of the biggest enemies of good workflow and production and organization has to do with procrastination. A great article in Real Simple magazine entitled "How to Stop Procrastinating" offered up various tips on how to stop putting off your tasks at hand. One tip that stands out in my mind is to disable those things which distract us the most. The magazine even listed a website,, which for $10 disables all of your access to the Internet for a certain amount of time. That's pretty brilliant if you ask me.

Another tip Real Simple offered is to allow yourself to start your day over at 2 p.m. It offers you a reboot and keeps you from wasting away your afternoon. You can even treat yourself to your "morning" coffee to get the energy going if you'd like.

So, now that we have some tips and tools, I say, what are you waiting for? Let's get going and let's vow to clean up our acts a little. Your desk, your stress levels and your workspace will thank you.

Debra Gorgos, Editor