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Student chooses waterless detailing over airplanes

March 1, 2012

SILVER LAKE, WA — The owner of a new waterless detailing business here decided to switch from aircraft maintenance to car care, according to the SCBJ.

The March 1 article stated that Austin Everett quit an aviation program, and, along with his father, took the Detailing Pros’ certificate program to learn how to run a detailing business without soap and a bucket.

Before entering the industry, Everett had gotten a call from the city when someone reported him allowing carwash runoff to enter a storm drain. Working in a coastal area, he notes that municipalities are trying to protect water quality by limiting runoff.

Everett is able to fit all of his detailing supplies and equipment into the cargo hold of his Jeep Liberty, and he can often work on customers’ cars in parking lots while they work.

The business opened in September, and Everett admitted that was not the ideal time to start a car detailing business. Still, he remains confident that waterless detailing will catch on in the area.