Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Paint afflictions and solutions

April 30, 2014

Here are some common paint afflictions and the solutions:

  • Heavy Oxidation: Break out the compound. A compound is the most aggressive type of polish. It has abrasives and cleaners to lift that dull, lifeless paint and smooth out the rough patches. You will have to follow with at least one secondary polish to restore surface gloss.
  • Heavy swirls, obvious even out of direct sunlight: A heavy grade swirl remover, which is also in the polish family, will level out those swirls and restore the paint’s smoothness. Again, a second, less aggressive polish should be used to restore gloss.
  • Moderate to light swirls, lackluster paint: A mid-grade swirl remover should give you just enough leveling ability to correct the paint but not so much that any exhaustive finishing work is required. A lot of pros can go straight from this step to waxing.
  • Dull paint: You have two choices: use a finishing polish if you’ve just used an aggressive polish. It will restore any lost surface gloss. Use a prewax cleaner on good paint that just needs some shine.

Ashley Parker is the senior writer for Palm Beach Motoring Accessories, a private company specializing in manufacturing and distributing auto enhancement products to professionals and enthusiasts. She can be reached at or visit