Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Tides of Carwashing

October 11, 2010
Yes, education and certification are important to PC&D readers. That much is obvious. But what are car care professionals doing about it? Less than half of the 260 respondents have finished an educational program, while only 28 percent have completed certification courses.

Nearly 70 percent of you indicated you wanted more classes and courses, and you are primarily interested in those led by manufacturers/suppliers and carwash trade associations.

The final break-down:

The majority of courses mentioned fell into three categories:
  • Equipment-specific training;

  • Detail/chemical training; and;

  • Employee or business management.

The majority of education providers fell into three categories :
  • Manufacturer/supplier;

  • CarWash College, an independent school focused on conveyor carwashing started by Sonny’s; and

  • Local government/college.