Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Tips for keeping floors and carpets clean

June 29, 2011

Depending on foot traffic, weather conditions, needs, etc., carpets and hard floor surfaces must be maintained frequently. Vacuuming throughout the day is an ideal way to ensure that no crumbs, soils or trash are present. Select high efficiency particulate air, also know as HEPA, filter vacuums. These high-performance machines will capture more and smaller contaminants as well as protect indoor air quality. Consider the different models of vacuums, such as canister, backpack and upright, and select equipment that is ergonomically advanced and conforms to the user.

When spills or stains occur on carpeted or hard surface floors, time is of the essence. Attending to these issues quickly will enable your staff to remove a problem without lingering damage. If a stain is allowed to settle in carpet, for instance, it will penetrate into the carpeting’s backing, spread and attract more soils. And, it will be difficult to remove in the long-run. Acting fast might also eliminate slip and fall risks.

In addition to implementing a spot and stain monitoring program and vacuuming regularly, carpets will eventually need extraction cleaning. There is effective portable extraction equipment on the market today. Carwash employees, with proper training and education, may handle this deep-cleaning or owners could hire a professional carpet cleaner who may have more powerful equipment and more advanced market awareness.