Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Top three concerns answered

June 2, 2011

Professional Carwashing & Detailing: What mistakes are carwash owners making right now with their doors?

Ted Yamin, Jr.: The most common mistake made by carwash operators is not keeping up with regular maintenance on their doors. Regular maintenance should include grease, oil, and daily cleaning as well as checking for wear and tear on their doors. This will keep the door working at its best when they need it most on their busiest days.

Professional Carwashing & Detailing: What is the best way to keep them clean and neat?

Ted Yamin, Jr.: Having a daily cleaning schedule is key. This will keep the door running properly and make it look appealing to their customers. Cleaning products such as stainless steel cleaner and window cleaners will suffice for a clearview door.

Professional Carwashing & Detailing: What does the future hold for carwash doors?

Ted Yamin, Jr.: The future is very promising. As society moves towards a greener way of doing business and operators look for cost savings, doors, such as our new ClearView Door, are one step in that direction. By helping maintain a warmer building and reducing natural gas consumption carwash owners are limiting their carbon footprint and saving money. So not only are doors putting more money in operators pockets, they are also helping keep our environment clean which is something we can all appreciate.