Professional Carwashing & Detailing


October 11, 2010

Professional Carwashing & Detailing spoke with Sue Ackley about the upcoming AOCA show scheduled for April 23-26 in New Orleans.

Professional Carwashing & Detailing: Are you excited about the upcoming show  what are looking forward to?
Sue Ackley: Absolutely, I m very excited! We have so many new and neat things that we ve never had before.

For one, we re doing a demo-theater that will be on our trade show floor. We asked vendors if they had something special they d like to do a demo of.

We filled up our slots within an hour. A variety of vendors will demonstrate new products that they have.

PC&D: What kind of response do you expect from attendees?
SA: I think it s going to be really good. I think these demos will be one of the great reasons that some people come to the show.

Everybody s looking for new products and how to increase their car counts and their revenue, and this will show some of the ways to do it.

PC&D: How many people do you expect will be in attendance?
SA: I would say over 2,000.

PC&D:If you could recommend only one seminar to attend, what would it be?
SA: I would say people should attend The Future Forum,  it s actually on the last day and it s going to be made up of presidents and higher-ups in the oil companies.

They re going to talk about what they see for the future of the lube business and the oil companies, and where it s all going.

PC&D: Will there be any exciting entertainment to look forward to?
SA: Oliver North is going to be a speaker and he should be really exciting. Everyone says he s dynamite.

Our grand party that we always have is really fun. There will be Jazz entertainment at all of the different venues and it also happens to be Jazz weekend in New Orleans, so they will have lots of Jazz entertainment in the streets.