Professional Carwashing & Detailing


October 11, 2010
This month, Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine spoke with Diana Bean, chairwoman of the National Association for Professional Detailing & Reconditioning, Inc. (NAPDR).

The not-for-profit association was organized in 2004 to represent and support the interests of the professional auto detailing and reconditioning industry.

Professional Carwashing & Detailing: Tell me about NAPDR and what it does for the industry.

Diana Bean: The NAPDR provides benefits and services to members that they may not be able to find on their own. We also provide educational opportunities for detailers and their staff through trade shows and seminars.

NAPDR offers networking opportunities that are vital to the success of small businesses with board of directors meetings and an annual convention and trade show. Membership includes subscriptions to industry magazines that are dedicated to the car care industry and contain opportunities for the detailer, as well support of products and services.

NAPDR allows a voice for independent auto detailers too small to represent themselves. One of our more important roles is to educate both regulators and legislators about the impacts of proposed legislation and to promote legislation which benefits this industry and the consumer.

Whether it’s creating an environment for sharing ideas, or serving as a place to go for solutions to problems that arise, NAPDR is the only association whose primary purpose is the welfare and success of the professional detailing industry.

PC&D: What made you want to unite the detail industry?

DB: The NAPDR was established out of the need for a common ground for independent professional auto detailers to learn how to be successful, to protect themselves from unfair and unnecessary regulations, to exchange ideas, and to educate the public and the law makers of the importance of the industry to the general public.

PC&D: What are the goals of its members?

DB: To be successful in business. To establish standards for professional conduct, business coaching, networking with your peers, membership recognition and to protect the future of the industry.

PC&D: How will members achieve these goals?

DB: Our members believe that becoming part of a trade association they have a better chance of achieving their personal goals. They realize there are many things they need to know about running their business, and feel it’s a lot easier to obtain this help and information through their association than on their own.

They will achieve their goals by working hard, doing the right thing, following the rules and regulations that exist, working to change things that hurt their businesses and by giving back to the industry that has provided them a good living.

PC&D: What can new members gain from NAPDR?

DB: The way a detailer does business has changed tremendously over the years. With the environment an ongoing issue, increased issues and more disclosures required, a detailer must be informed if he or she wants to be successful.

NAPDR can give answers to the questions about your business. Every member has a wealth of information for new detailers, and long-time dealers alike. The information available to members as well as the many other benefits and services offered are directed to the success of the professional detailer. The NAPDR keeps detailers up to date on what’s happening in their industry and beyond.

PC&D: What can the NAPDR do for the industry?

DB: We must instill in the members that the NAPDR is necessary for the development of their industry’s image. The NAPDR provides the capabilities and means to educate and enrich knowledge through various seminars, business coaching and meetings.

It’s hard to place a dollar figure on the experiences shared between NAPDR members at conventions. We’ve heard members say that just one thing they have learned since being a member has saved them thousands of dollars and maybe their entire business.