Professional Carwashing & Detailing


October 11, 2010

At their 2006 convention, the Automotive Oil Changers Association (AOCA) announced plans to develop a fresh five-year plan .

Newly-elected President Dave Jensen recently talked with Professional Carwashing & Detailing® about the association's future.

PC&D: You mentioned the focus of the five-year plan will be on consumer needs and fulfilling them, how does the AOCA plan to find out what consumers want from their quick lube facility?

Dave Jensen: We went out and did a customer survey: why people use quick lubes, why people don't use quick lubes, why people go to dealerships.

We ll be developing a marketing plan and a training plan to step up our level within the association and offer more to our members so that we can compete in these marketplaces.

PC&D: Were you surprised by the results of the survey?

DJ: We just got the rough draft of the survey back and I'd say the biggest eye-opener was the "trust" factor for our customers. We have to work on making the consumer see how honest our facilities are.

PC&D: How will you make consumers see the honest side of the quick lube industry?

DJ: We re going to put together a standard operation training program that members can use. We're going to focus on education big-time.

Now that we've got our e-learning platform in place we're adding more advanced technical training courses online. We're doing a lot with our online training.

PC&D: When will the information be available to quick lube operators?

DJ: Right now we're just kind of at the ground roots. This consumer study is going to lay out some information for us and then we re going to put our plan together and try to develop a program in the near future to address the issues presented.

PC&D: What are the other goals of the association for 2006?

DJ: The industry Town Hall conducted at the convention brought out some excellent information on the needs of our membership, things we can address immediatly. We're also really trying to grow the membership. That's a huge part of this plan. We've been working hard to get our [association's] value up. That's what we're really trying to do with this five year plan &mdash create value for our members.