Professional Carwashing & Detailing


October 11, 2010

Tim Jones, co-owner of National Car Wash (NCW), with locations in Tennessee and Kentucky, spoke with Professional Carwashing & Detailing about the company's decision to begin offering express tunnel options and its expansion into other areas across the US.

Professional Carwashing & Detailing: NCW has three new sites under construction in Shelbyville, Gallatin and Ashland City, TN, that will offer express tunnel options, how did that idea start?

Tim Jones: We believe that vehicles receive a better wash from friction cleaning and after talking with some fellow operators and owners that are already using express tunnels, we found that customers perceive the express wash and the free vacuums at the end as a good value.

We're flexible enough to not become stuck on just self-serve and in-bay automatics; we think there's some prime opportunity to put these express tunnels in new locations in hopes that they will help generate more revenue.

PC&D: Are there other express wash competitors in your area?

TJ: Express wash sites are just now starting to come into our market.

We feel that to be able to compete with them we're going to have to make some changes, adapt and become more flexible.

PC&D: When will the three new sites be operable?

TJ: They are in various stages of construction now, so they will probably be open this fall.

PC&D: If these sites succeed will you continue to expand the express wash concept to new sites?

TJ: Yes, we will. We have some current locations that would be excellent for this concept; we are considering tearing them down and starting from scratch with the express concept in its place.

PC&D: Will NCW become a leader in express washing?

TJ: I feel like we definitely will. There will be new sites in several areas.

PC&D: Are there any other changes or exciting news on the horizon for NCW?

TJ: We're expanding our franchise operations in many different directions. We're currently scheduled to start construction on some franchise locations in Michigan and Alabama.

We're talking to people in other various parts of the country. I expect that you'll see NCW starting to pop up around the country.