Professional Carwashing & Detailing


October 11, 2010

Barry Meguiar, president and CEO of Meguiar's, Inc., a company specializing in automotive appearance care products for the industry, was recently the inaugural recipient of the Petersen Automotive Museum's Automotive Icon Award presented at the museum's annual Cars & Stars Gala. Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine spoke with Meguiar to find out where his inspiration and drive comes from.

Professional Carwashing & Detailing: How did you feel about receiving the Petersen award?

Barry Meguiar: I am much more comfortable giving awards than I am in receiving them. I have a long list of people I believe would have been more deserving to be the initial recipient of this award. I actually feel a bit guilty for being honored for having so much fun, doing what I love to do.

PC&D: Where did your passion for cars originate from?

BM: I grew up in Southern California, the car Mecca of the world, just as the car hobby was taking on form and substance. I was also born into a family business that specialized in creating show car perfect finishes.

PC&D: Do you have any big plans or exciting things happening in the near future?

BM: Always! We will hold our first Meguiar's Award in a non-English speaking country. We will be honoring the Person of the Year for the Car Hobby in Thailand.

In September, we will hold our 2nd Annual Meguiar's Award in the U.K. Then at the SEMA Show in November, we are going to launch what we believe will be the ultimate car guy website —

PC&D: Should we look out for new products, company changes or expansion?

BM: We are introducing a comprehensive line of high performance, VOC-compliant professional detailing products.

Even I'm amazed at how dramatically our chemists have raised the bar for safety and performance at the same time. Every single product produces demonstrably superior results.