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Wash employees escape swarm of stinging bees

March 20, 2012

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX — Two carwash employees here were stung 22 times by bees on one day and then attacked by bees again the next day, according to KIII.

The March 18 story stated that Anthony Arevalo and Steve Morin were forced to run into the carwash to escape the attacking swarm.

The fire department and vector control were both called in, and they soon found a huge hive of bees in the roof of a garage behind the business. The number of bees was in the thousands.

Firefighters killed the bees with a soap and water solution, and the hive was removed and bagged by a vector control officer. The owner of the home where the hive was found had been dealing with the bee problem for months.

Arevalo and Morin were both checked out and are going to be okay. The pair was able to joke about the events after they happened, but both agreed that it was no laughing matter while they were getting stung.