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Wash owner still waiting on eminent domain offer

January 26, 2012

CONCORD, NC — A carwash owner here is still wondering what he will be paid for his property years after an eminent domain declaration, WCNC reported.

The Jan. 25 story stated that the Department of Transportation (DOT) told Owner Keith Barbee two years ago that his property would be taken so a road could be widened and turned into a major access road for a new Interstate interchange.

The bulldozers will be ready to roll in a couple of months, but the carwash’s owner is still left with no idea what he will be paid for his business, the story noted.

Barbee said in the story that it is impossible for him to plan for the future if the DOT will not say how much he will be offered.

When contacted, the DOT said in the story that the appraisals along the road have been complex, but Barbee would get an offer the next week.