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October 11, 2010
Johnny's Car Wash Logo

Business: Johnny’s Car Wash

Type: Two in-bay automatics and three self-serve bays

Owner(s): Nancy Luciani Nealon and Christopher Luciani

Location: Scranton, PA

Year opened: January 2007

Equipment/chemicals: IBAs: Oasis Typhoon and Ryko Softgloss; Chemicals: Blendco, JBS, Ryko, and Hot Stuff.

Volume (per year): There was a 40 percent increase in volume in 2008.

Pricing: $6 - $10

Menu includes: Presoak, triple foam, undercarriage, wheel scrubber, clear coat, and rain shield.

What is unique about you: Site features a modern design that includes an all glass layout with safety in mind.

Also of note: This green carwash reclaims water and is energy efficient. It has an eco-friendly design and only uses electricity or heating when absolutely necessary. For instance, the green glass design creates a greenhouse effect, reducing the need for heat in the winter.

Johnny’s Car Wash markets itself as a woman-friendly carwash that is well-lit and has plenty of security cameras. There is a toll-free number posted throughout the site, so if a customer has an issue or emergency, he/she can call and reach someone right away.