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The sweet smell of success

June 06, 2011
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Ecolab Inc., a manufacturer of chemical solutions for the carwash industry, recently introduced a new line of air fragrances to the market. The Blue Coral® Foaming Fragrances fill a new product category for Ecolab Vehicle Care, and were designed after the company partnered with leading fragrance experts and industry consumers to choose the four scents: Pomelo leaf, green tea, water lily pear and citrus splash.

Professional Carwashing & Detailing recently sat down with Ecolab Vehicle Care’s Vice President of marketing Megan Loch, who let us in on what else the company is up to, what today’s car care customers are asking for, and how those four scents listed above were chosen.

Professional Carwashing & Detailing: What’s happening now over at Ecolab, in terms of products?

Megan Loch: Ecolab Vehicle Care takes pride in bringing innovation to the carwash industry and helping our customers increase their revenue and profitability. A few months ago, we introduced Blue Coral 1-Step Wheel Cleaner and Rain-X® for Wheels. Blue Coral 1-Step Wheel Cleaner is a highly concentrated, foaming alkaline liquid designed for manual and on-line wheel cleaning in automatic carwashes. This formula is a special blend of our best two-step products, plus unique new ingredients now combined in one product for maximum cleaning and an easy-to-use solution, which is an effective alternative to HF wheel cleaners.

Rain-X for Wheels uses an advanced protective technology that keeps customers’ wheels shiny longer, guarding against dirt and brake dust buildup. Added to an operation’s top wash package as an à la carte item, or bundled as a Wheel Deal with our all-new Blue Coral® 1-Step Wheel Cleaner and Black Magic® Online Tire Dressing, Rain-X for Wheels gives operators a new tool to provide added value to their customers and increase their per car revenue.

PC&D: What are some of the things your customers are looking for now, with today’s economy and the environment?

ML: Operators are looking for ways to increase revenue. And truly, that’s what we’re focused on too. Our team works hard to help our customers configure their menu to entice top wash package take rates, offer new add-on services, identify the best products and brands for their particular needs, execute sustainable practices, implement thoughtful merchandising and promotional programs, and help build their brand to drive repeat business.

PC&D: Please describe the new Blue Coral Foaming Fragrances product line.

ML: Blue Coral® Foaming Fragrances are a unique line of air fresheners for the carwash environment that enhance the wash experience. Today’s carwash consumers appreciate getting more value for the money they spend, and providing them the best overall experience is part of delivering that value. Designed for the full-serve and express exterior conveyor washes, the new spa-like fragrances were developed to provide additional consumer value and a point of differentiation for operators.

PC&D: How were the four scents determined?

ML: Ecolab partnered with leading fragrance experts and industry consumers to zero in on four fragrances that signal a sense of “clean” to consumers. We learned in our research that traditional carwash scents, such as bubble gum, don’t necessarily reinforce the feeling that their car is really getting clean.

If you think about it, the cleaning products these same consumers use to clean their homes contain fragrances and scents that support the idea of clean. It’s those same “clean” fragrances that guided our development of Blue Coral Foaming Fragrance and led us to choose four new “clean” fragrances: Pomelo leaf, green tea, water lily pear and citrus splash.

By creating a more enjoyable and affirming experience through the use of these fragrances, the wash site will be elevating the value they provide to their consumers which will in turn help to drive loyalty and repeat purchases.