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New ways to secure your wash

And discover the triple threat that deters crime.
Security and surveillance may not be the most exciting part of owning and operating a carwash, but it is one of the most important.
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Couple accused of murder at carwash to stand trial

SYDNEY, Australia — Jason Bucca and Tristan Castle plead not guilty to charges of murdering Adrian MacDonald, and will now stand trial, according to the Telegraph News.

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Keeping things secure

Top-notch security is vital, not just so that your wash is protected, but so that your customers feel safe as well.
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Is your carwash safe and secure?

From preventing break-ins, to making sure customers are safe, it’s best to make sure you’re taking every necessary precaution.

Carwashes hit by strings of robberies

 SCRIBNER, NE — Local carwashes have been the targets... 

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Keeping your self-serve secure

Today's cameras are specifically designed to bring the right amount of toughness, durability and technology.

Caught on camera

Pinpointing the proper surveillance equipment to protect a property from theft and vandalism.
How to choose the proper surveillance equipment to properly protect your business from theft and vandalism.
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No time for crime

How owners and operators can fight back without being put in danger.
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